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KS7000 - Random red/blue color separation in Game Mode, warrenty extension?

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Hi there,


So this issue is being currently heavily discussed on the us forums,


and a samsung moderator has confirmed it is an issue


So i have just spoken to samusung UK who has told me this is not an issue with the KS7000(UK). I did inform her that the KS7000 was the same model as the US KS8000 but she said it wasn't, so the conversation stopped as she said she could only reset or make sure the latest software is installed. Which did not answer my question.


What i would like to know is if samsung uk will be extending the warrenties on effected tv sets, as in a few months i would have owned the tv for almost a year. I would prefer to return it if the issue is not resolved before my warrenty runs out.


If people are wondering what said issue looks like,



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