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IP address is blank in UE40ES6300 - how do i find it?


Hello All

I've been trying for hours to connect my samsung tv UE40ES6300 to my internet. I've browsed all the suggestions and nothing is working yet. I've got to the suggestion of DNS server and changed this to 8888, however IP address, subnet mask, Gateway are all blank. I do have a MAC address showing.


Can anybody help me please as I am not technically knowledgable.


I have been using Amazon firestick for the last few months as I was so frustrated with the internet connection not working, however my other half is desperate to watch the free football on freeview Pick channel as we have no cable. But I've spent most of the day trying to solve the problem........




Are you able to connect an Ethernet cable direct from your router to the tv and get on the network and go for a wired set up, gets you out of trouble in the short term?

Without knowing your set up it's going to be quite difficult to find you a fix but are all

your other bits of tech connecting to your network ok?

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