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Images via Gallery and the Ultra Smart Frame TV and all that jazz

(Topic created on: 19-10-2022 01:53 PM)

I now have a 32inch Frame TV to replace my old 32 inch LED - both Samsung - of course!  This new TV is meant to be smarter more intelligent and all that marketing jazz.  Ok I thought lets put show my images photographs from my Samsung Phone &/or Tablet.  So added Samsung Gallery to my TV apps and made sure I had it operationaly on my phone.  So good so far.  First it showed all my MP3 album images.  My fault I always put the album are in JPG in the album folder when adding cover to the track meta data.  Ok solved that one remove all JPEG album artwork.  But now it shows screenshots or anything in DCIM.  But which one??  There is a DCIM on the internal memory.  But I have a DCIM on my external memory card.  My camera and another non-samsung equivalent use the DCIM on the external SDcard of around 128Gb.  There I don't fill my phone memory up with photographs music videos etc...  I will have to investigate what Gallery does - haven't seen a switch to make it use Ext/DCIM yet on settings.  But easy to miss these things.  Then I notice that Samsung back image/photographs up to the cloud and Samsung use my MS One Drive cloud aka linkage etc...  Fair enough.  So I put an album of photographs in my One Drive/Samsung folder.  That didn't work.  I think the One Drive cloud is back up only.  So backup images from phone to Samsung/One Drive but not the other way round.  It would be great if there was good explanation of this cloud Samsung/MS and the algorithms of it.  Any ideas from the Forum.  The next project is to play stuff from my phone/tablet to the TV using the Samsung app Smart View but without a good User Guide or Technical note it proves interesting and time consuming.  So here I am knowing that often forums provide more information than the manufacturers or suppliers.  Keep up the good work forum.