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How to remove Ads on Samsung the frame tv

(Topic created on: 30-12-2022 03:59 PM)
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Dear all , help me how to overcome this;  I have a Samsung the frame tv 65" i think is 2022, but everytime I connect to decoder i see the annoying automatic adverts of the frame TV features but when is on YouTube of Netflix it's not coming 


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Hi @OG5  Try the following:

You could try the following.

Go to Menu-General-Smart features- Disable Auto Run Smart Hub and Auto Run last app.

To disable personalised Adverts go to Settings-Terms and Privacy. in privacy Settings Disable I consent to Internet Based Advertisements. You may need to also disable it the section specifically named I consent to Internet Based Services where it says Enable to make the content and advertising on Smart Tv more interactive. If there is anything else that you do not want such as Voice Recognition services you may wish to disable that as well. It may then be a good idea to reset PSID which is the item at the bottom of the list (ID for personalised services) you may also be able to go to Broadcasting-Expert Settings and disable Hbbtv.

It is also possible to blacklist certain domains via your Router's Admin settings though you might find it a bit more involved. The Gitbub article is referring to the US site and not the European communities.

See more in this articles Tv Ads


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