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HDR10+ on the Nu7100


This TV claims to support HDR10+ but there is no way of finding out if it's actually playing it.when playing something on Amazon if I press the home button and go across it just shows HDR and the picture looks no different on the Nvidia shield 2019 Pro vs the tv app and the shield doesn't even support HDR10+

@MW1987: Not all content on Amazon Prime supports HDR10+, however if you go to Settings > Picture > Expert Settings > HDR+ Mode, this will automatically provide an optimal HDR effect, based on the video source.

HDR+ is a fake mode for sdr content to make it look like HDR and it makes the picture look horrible ,I use AI upscaling on the Nvidia shield for HD video that upscales HD content to 4k.i know what is in HDR10+, the grand tour, the tick, Jack Ryan etc and there is no way of knowing if it is actually playing in HDR10+ because it just shows HDR in the quick settings menu and it looks no different than playing Amazon content on my shield that doesn't yet support HDR10+ so if it was really playing HDR10+ on the Samsung prime video app I would surely notice a difference and it would show HDR10+ and not HDR? 

Just found out if there is no ST.2094 then it's not HDR10+ compatible and there isn't so why sell it as supporting it if it doesn't? 

Much to my chagrin I too wasn't able to get HDR10+ but I will tell you this when I initially got the TV I noticed a difference even in daytime viewing. It even would show HDR10+ logo. After the update downhill from there. I called Samsung numerous times on this they said that feature may not have been working as well so took it out. I watched video online said this TV plays hdr10 and up but just says standard HDR. Whatever it is initially had it and it was beautiful so crisp while watching American Gods. I said if something works before why change it this is false advertisement. They said can reimburse or perhaps discuss getting another one that is once repair man sees. We should escalate this it's very disappointing, glad not only one. You cannot just tell people it does it without indicating even that bothers me.
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