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Faulty TV

(Topic created on: 06-10-2021 05:59 PM)
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My parents purchased Samsung TV as a housewarming present for me. They bought it in March 2019 and I started using it from November 2019 when I moved in. 

The screen has now developed a very wide black band down it. 

I reported to Samsung who directed me to their repair centre who seemed to be of the opinion Samsung would authorise to cover the cost of an out-of-warranty repair. However I have just received the following email,


“We’ve heard back from Samsung to advise that unfortunately due to the age of the set (they will only consider the date of purchase I’m afraid) that they will not contribute to the cost of the repair.


I can see from the image that you sent in that the backlight has failed and that is why you’re getting the dark patch on the screen, unfortunately what can often happen is that as they fail they melt the diffuser and reflective panel.


If this hasn’t happened including labour and VAT you’d be looking at approximately £150-200 for the backlights replacing, if the whole screen assembly required replacing that would be £430.98 which to be honest isn’t particularly cost effective.


If you wish to discuss you can give us a call on the number below.”


I am so annoyed this TV hasnt even lasted 2 years and Samsung have refused to sort what is clearly a manufacturers fault. Furious!

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Hi @Elizabeth187  Realise this is somewhat frustrating but by their nature out of warranty repairs  are chargeable and  think you cannot necessarily expect a contribution.  Yes the date of purchase will always be the starting point, even if circumstances mean it s a little while before you start using a model.  In any case I would advise checking a set as soon as possible.   Obviously your Tv was a gift  but I wish to point out that some  stores  offer a longer guarantee such as five years  as do Samsung themselves on several models purchased directly (who act as retailers in these cases)

Whilst you may have some redress with retailers if a fault develops after six months the onus is more on the consumer to prove there was a known fault at the time of purchase.  

See some information on consumer rights here 

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.

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So, I bought a faulty rebooting Samsung QN700A with the grand plan of repairing it.

The panel looks fine, there's some mild dancing lines horizontally crossing the screen ever so slightly different brightness compared to rest of the screen, doesn't bother in PC mode.

Then after around 5 minutes the TV goes off and on, the image disappears, backlights stays on for couple second and TV reboots back to the logo.

After then it happens almost constantly.

Steps I've taken so far are:

Buy a 8k certified cable from John Lewis.

Replace the one connect box and cable.

Add heatsinks and replace thermal paste on motherboard.

Replace the motherboard.

Point a fan on the back of the TV.

Reflowed the solder on the 4 connectors from motherboard to display driver boards.

None of these fixed the issue, only delayed the inevitable bootloop.. samsung support told me ,Sorry Bad lack !  disgusting experience