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Double Image (except when VRR is on)

(Topic created on: 22-11-2022 11:09 PM)
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TV Model: Samsung Q80A (VA Panel version)

Hello everyone.


Earlier this year I upgraded from a Sony 60Hz 1080p TV to a Samsung 120hz 4K TV, and I have been struggling to adapt.


I find that motion overall looks weird.


It’s most noticeable on panning shots, and especially with thin (street signs etc), or fast moving objects.


This video is a great example to illustrate what I mean.


With videos like this, motion looks totally different between this TV and all my other displays.


In my new TV, as the ball goes faster, it seems to multiply into many distinct slightly transparent balls (like a venn diagram), giving it this weird kind of double image effect, instead of distorting into a blurry oval shape (like the usual motion blur that I'm used to).


While in some cases it's barely noticeable, for some games and content it can get very uncomfortable.

(such as first/third person games with fast moving cameras etc)

This text I found online is also a good description of what it looks like:

OK, after thinking about this "30hz double imageproblem" you are speaking of, I just fired up the RE4 game on the 4500 and looked around a bit. After about 5 minutes of looking about in a room with white columns, I think I understand what you are talking about. Take for instance, a light colored vertical column in a dark room. In a 30fps game, if you look around/pan the screen and follow the column with your eyes, you can see "two" of them as they move-- the faster they move, the wider apart the two images appear. The slower they move, the closer the two images are, and they converge when you completely stop moving/scrolling.

Except it happens at 60fps.




I noticed that, for some reason, turning on VRR on the PS5 seems to 'fix' the issue. Suddenly the motion looks how I’m used to, with moving objects blurring together rather than becoming two distinct images.


This works regardless of the game having VRR support, simply by ‘forcing’ VRR by turning on “apply to unsupported games”.

As long as the TV's game bar shows that VRR is ON, motion looks different, even though the refresh rate shows a static 59/60Hz.


Sadly, this ‘forced VRR’ isn’t available for PS4 games.


No idea why VRR which is seemingly unrelated would magically fix the issue.
But this does show that under certain conditions, this TV *can* produce motion that look ‘normal’ to me (what my eyes are used to), and that doesn't cause discomfort. But it seems to be ‘locked’ behind some internal, hidden setting.

I also tried messing with Motion Interpolation and BFI on vs off with varying results, but none remove the doubling completely like VRR does.



Anyway this doubling can range from mild discomfort or barely noticeable, to basically rendering the content or game almost unwatchable/unplayable.
(Depending on how fast the camera moves and whatnot, it's especially bad in first person games)


Any insights?