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Disney + ue40k5500 have access but glitches

(Topic created on: 19-08-2020 11:27 PM)
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My problem seems to be slightly different to the other ones I've seen here on the boards.

Samsung say that TVs from K models onwards support Disney+ which mine is and did do until the update a couple of months ago.

Now my problem isn't that I can't access the app, I can BUT I can't watch a movie without constant freezing and then skipping. Sometimes within a few mins of a film starting and others not until half way through.

I rebooted the TV, made sure it was up to date and I uninstalled and reinstalled the Disney+ app but it still kept doing the same thing.

After I had done that, my Prime app started to do the same thing, only Netflix seemed to be running with no problems so I stuck to that for a few weeks.

A couple of nights ago I tried Prime again and watched a whole film without any disruption so thought there must've been another Samsung update that had fixed the D+ glitch so got excited, chose a film but within 5 mins it had frozen up again. 


Anyone else had this problem? As I say I've looked on the message boards and Googled, but all I've found are posts/p mentioning the error message/ no access to the app at all