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tv picture frozen, black screen and tv turning on and off

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This is going to be a long post so here we go.

I purchased a tv end of March 2020 which was a Samsung QLED QE55Q60RATXXU. I've never owned a smart tv from Samsung because I tend to hear bad things regarding their customer service and the general glitches with their products. Owning a number of Samsung devices already I decided to give this one go. 


I couldn't regret it more than I do now and this is why. 


Last week (22/08/2020), I switched on the tv and the picture completely froze on the screen. Initially I thought it was the battery so I changed it multiple times but the issue still remained. I then was able to do factory reset (after several attempts having to soft reset the tv just to get to the general settings).  I did this multiple times and still no luck. I then began to experience the tv powering on and off at random times without me even touching the remote. At this point I sort advice from Google and tried EVERYTHING suggested. I even wrote in community forums and sort advice from other samsung tv owners having experienced the same issue. After not finding any resolution to this, I then decided to contact Samsung. I tried to start live chats multiple times  with Samsung but I found my messages being ignored for over 30 minutes.. eventually when I was able to get through to someone, they attempted to remotely access my tv but it only made the tv worse because for over an hour, the tv started to display black screen. I was told that someone would be in contact with me and that I should send the video with the issue to an email address provided. I did this and 3 days later, I have not heard anything back. I have called Samsung also and a few times, they kept hanging up on me and one rudely told me to give her my email address and when I did she hung up. Other times i was kept on hold for over 30 minutes. The last time I called and explained my issue and also mentioning that the TV is still under warranty and suggested a technician may need to be sent out to inspect the tv, the advisor tried to sell me a product care package and didn't seem to take into consideration anything I had mentioned.  


I have had no working tv for the past week and can't even switch the source to atleast play my ps4. Judging by other threads I've come across, this seems to be a common issue with Samsung Tvs and Samsung i believe are aware of this issue and therefore are reluctant to actually address it unless they charge customers for the repair that is no fault of their own.


Sadly I have a Samsung Tab S7 plus and Samsung Note 20 Ultra being delivered over the next few days and contemplating where to return it.


Anyway back to the TV. If anyone has had similar issue with their Samsung tv where it is freezing, non responsive and showing black screen. Please advice on how I can resolve this. I have also attempted to book a repair online with Samsung but the page where I put my product details either crashes or doesn't display any texts to write in. 


I'd appreciate any help i can get with this seeing that Samsung do not want to help. 

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hi, right when you turn on the TV now does it show a black screen?
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and what's the model number please.
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take your problem up with the store you bought it from,they are responsible for the tv,they should repair or replace it. by the way I've always used samsung products and I swear by them,I've still got a good 3d tv 10 years later. hope this helps
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