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Discovery plus app buffering at advert break

(Topic created on: 3 weeks ago)
First Poster

Hi all

We have been watching discovery plus app for a few months now, all fine. Recently, it has begun buffering. 

When a programme gets to the first advert break (1 of 3), the first 2 adverts play fine, and then when we get to the 3rd advert, we get a blank blue screen with a white loading/buffering circle. (top of the screen still says ad 3 of 3, and I believe it is the 'discovery plus' advert which is causing the issue. The buffering continues until we get error message. It is impossible to skip past the adverts to watch the programme. 
When watching discovery plus on my iPhone this issue doesn't happen. It only happens on discovery plus, no other apps with adverts.
I raised with discovery plus and they removed all adverts from my programmes which was perfect, however now they put them all back and it's happening still. 

to watch a programme I have to come out of discovery plus at the advert, go on my phone, watch the advert, then go back into the TV, back to the programme and begin watching again after the break.
Anyone have any advice? It's driving me mad. 
Thank you!