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Couple of queries/issues regarding The Frame TV

(Topic created on: 13-08-2020 08:16 AM)
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Recently purchased The Frame TV (QA55LS03TAKXXL) and I have couple of issues or queries regarding it.


  1. Instead of Art mode or sleep I keep getting an error - TV No Signal I think it is looking for some connection but no HDMI cable or setup box is connected. How do I remove this?SOURCESOURCE
  2. I want remove and add few other apps to the Home Screen. However, it keeps getting reset again and again. Is it a bug?
  3. Where is the physical buttons on the TV to control. I read it in manual that its available but I cannot find them, also where is motion sensor located.
  4. How do I customize the recommendations I get on the home screen. Which are completely irreverent to the apps I have.