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2020 43" The Frame - articulating tv mount

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Hi all, 


I am looking for recommendations on an articulating mount for the 'The Frame 2020 43"'. Ideally something that is still thin enough to be collapsed back onto the wall as close as possible like the no gap mount. With the added benefits of been able to pull the tv away from the wall and angle it.


Just wondering if anyone has already done this themselves and if they could recommenced the wall mount they used.






While i don't have any answer to your question I'm looking to achieve the same thing.


Did you find any suitable wall mounts?






Hi Andreas, I was unable to find anything that would allow me to achieve the same 'No gap' fit as the mount provided with the TV due to the standard fixings been above the inset that the 'No gap' mount would attach to on the back of the TV.  I am however happy with what I purchased as it was one of the thinest mounts I could find. it allows you to articulate the tv and tilt it up and down.

I suppose you could inset the mount into the wall to achieve the 'No gap' look if the wall allows for it.

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