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Connect webcam to TV

(Topic created on: 16-12-2020 08:38 PM)
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I bought a Samsung smart TV this month.  It is connected to the internet with the Tizen operating system.


I want to do a very simple thing:  To permanently connect a USB webcam to the TV and use it for video conferencing, like ZOOM.


It has come to my attention that you simply can't do that.  Really.  With the level of technological advances that went into creating the TV I just bought, its not possible?


I want the simplicity of connecting a webcam to the TV an leaving there with nothing else (no additional device or wire connections.)


The current solutions are not what I'm interested in:

1. Connect the webcam to a computer and a HDMI connection to the TV.  I don't want to to have to deal with the hassle of a computer or other external device. 


2.  I could consider connecting an ip based security camera to the TV.  Not practical and poor quality.




  • In case I missed something, is there a camera that I can connect to my new Samsung Smart TV that can be used as for web conferencing?  (I know facebook has Portal.  Not interested in being tied to that format.)

  • If not, does Samsung have something in the works to support the feature I'm requesting?

I suspect the consumer base supporting this community forum may not have the answer to my questions.

I would appreciate it if Samsung could chime in on this.


First Poster

Ever since the gates of hell opened and swallowed Skype in 2016, my Samsung TVCamera (model: CY-STC1100) is nothing but a glorious paperweight. So your options are limited, read here and here.


In my case nothing works, as the TVCamera's USB connection is completely ignored by my mac mini due to missing driver. For the life of me I can't understand why no OSX driver was provided for this excellent hardware by Samsung or the free computing community. So, in the end, I'll eat the bullet and get a much inferior Logitech device... and never by a Samsung product again.

Sean Allen
First Poster

This is rediculus, I understood my new Logitek webcam was compatible with smart TV's, but my TV cant see it so its useless. I'm so disapointed, this will also be my last Samsung device if it cant be used for vidoe conferencing.


I was just looking in to this, how on earth is this not available? I ended up popping my phone up on my centre speaker and casting my screen, but then I can't zoom in.

I expected by now with tv and game streaming services,  my TV would be a communication hub.

Roy Flint
First Poster

I also have the same camera..  I have searched everywhere for a driver for any OS and am coming up empty.  I think its going to end up in the recycle bin.  😞  I'll save the magnetic mount thingie, that may be handy someday...

Really too bad.