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CEC does not work after turning TV on. Only after switching inputs.

(Topic created on: 26-01-2022 09:49 AM)
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I have Samsung SmartTV QE65Q64RATXZG.


I have on HDMI 1 and 2 two devices (Dreambox (hdmi1) and KODI on Raspberry PI (hdmi2)) which I use with CEC.

Everything is working nicely but every time I turn on the TV, CEC is not working and I cannot control the devices.  To make it work, I have to switch i.e. from one device to another and it starts working.

Example: I was watching dreambox and turn off TV. After I turn on TV again, remote does not control Dreambox (hdmi1) at all any more. If I switch to another device, i.e. KODI on hdmi2, KODI is working ok with CEC. If I switch back to hdm1 it also starts working.

But it never works immediately after turning the TV on if last used input was hdmi1 or hdmi2.

Someone with an idea?