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Cast to TV not available only screen mirroring

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Ive recently purchased a UE65SK8000 TV and on other TVs I've owned apps like Disney Life, BT Sport and YouTube have had the cast to button in the top right and pressing it cast that content to the TV while letting me use my phone (e.g. browse the web) without that interrupting or being cast.


Since switching to this TV the cast buttons are greyed out (on Samsung S8) and the only way I can cast to TV is by using the screen mirror function which is far worse quality than casting.


Anyone have any ideas why this is happening or how to resolve? The tv has YouTube and Disney apps installed on it but sometimes it's easier to find on phone.  Software on phone and tv is all up to date. 


Many thanks 



you can try also to
open YouTube app on tv
go to settings > link with TV code
and follow instructions
I mean yea YouTube works but I still can't cast on any other app.

Same here. I got a note 10+ for Christmas and skreen mirror worked for about 3 days.... "And on the fourth day, God said 'All of your Samsung products shall have no communication whatsoever, and you shall only be able to view a distorted home screen on your TV. No videos on your phone shall show up when connected via USB and furthermore, Samsung reps will deny any and all compatability and leave you wondering if it was all just a wild dream.'" seriously though, all I can see if I manage to connect my TV (unks8000) and phone (note 10+) is a secondary display home screen. I select a video to play from gallery and nothing shows up on my TV, just stuck on a watered down version of my phone's home skween. 20200108_093725.jpg



This makes me mad every time I try to deal with it on my Samsung TV. I'm done with Samsung TVs. ] I have to Vizio TVs in my house, and one Samsung. The Vizio I can cast from any app and continue to use my phone and even control the TV with the app. The Samsung just makes everything more difficult. Who the hell wants to screen mirror? Do not need or want the SmartThings app. Goodbye Samsung TVs.

Right on! BTW, Samsung does not support Smartview on Windows anymore, have to use the built-in chromecast in the app (like youtube). Otherwise, use Direct Wifi connection, which is a screen mirror. All that said, it's disappointing that the QLED TV supports only tab Chromcasting, not the desktop - which they don't tell you and not found in any documentation online. (error message: source not supported when you choose "desktop" under 3dots, cast, source). Very frustrating.

My TV is not on the list.


My TV is not in Ithe list of my phone...from my neighbor yes.... have the same problem...this is my last samsung product if they don't resolve this problem in the next update


This is the most annoying thing ever, had a Sony TV no issue then decided to upgrade (goodness knows why now) so thought id buy a Samsung TV as I have a Samsung S10 phone so figured even better connectivity, but was so wrong. The thing is they seem to have it all setup for Apple Airplay etc. I have tried the Samsung smartthings app but still nothing! 


Today 26 April 2020 somehow I tried cast again from my phone and it worked several times very fine ...but now I tried again and it's not working again...I am very suspicious about this thing....Samsung says cast is not working anymore just screen mirroring but today worked again for a shotlrt time...someone had something similar???

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I had a slightly different but potentially related problem:  Occasionally I could cast to the TV (Q95T) and then more frequently it would open the multi-view casting but wouldn't actually cast anything.
Going to Settings > General > Smart Features and turning off "Autorun Multi View Casting" now allows me to cast straight to the YT app again.

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