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Bose Bluetooth headset not working with Samsung TV

(Topic created on: 12-06-2024 08:50 PM)
First Poster

We have a Samsung QE43Q67TAS TV, that has bluetooth capability. However my newly bought Bose QuietComfort (2024) won't stay properly connected. It only works the very first time it gets connected. Every single consequent time (turn off - turn on), it either doesn't play any sound at all, or it switches to some super low quality mode. I suspect this is the microphone / voice call mode. It just becomes a joke to use.

I saw multiple posts about this problem, so I'm definitely not the first to encounter this:

First of all some of these posts are marked as "SOLVED" whilst clearly this issue is not being fixed. Second they do list two work arounds:

1. Remove and reconnect the bluetooth headset every.single.time you want to use it. Very poor "solution".
2. Turn on "multi audio output" and turn off the TV audio. Better but not great.

CLEARLY customers want to use their Samsung TV with a headset, and now all kinds of headsets are being excluded from being used with Samsung TVs.

Lastly, who thought of asking for conformation every.single.time when I connect my headset? This is superbly annoying.