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AV Receiver Issues

(Topic created on: a week ago)

Just bought a 7100 series TV but I cannot control the AV receiver sources via the smart remote, is that right? Means I have to use several remotes.

Also when I return to home function, the AV receiver (Denon) is muting itself?


When using a Samsung 7100 series TV and an AV receiver (like your Denon), it's not uncommon to face challenges with controlling external devices via a single remote. Let's explore how to potentially streamline your setup and address the specific issues you're facing.

### **1. Control AV Receiver Sources with Samsung Smart Remote**

To control your AV receiver's sources with your Samsung Smart Remote, follow these steps:

1. **Setup Universal Remote Function**:
- **Go to Settings**:
1. Navigate to **Settings > General > External Device Manager**.
2. Select **Universal Remote Setup**.

- **Add AV Receiver**:
1. Follow the prompts to add your AV receiver.
2. Select the type of device (e.g., AV Receiver) and the brand (e.g., Denon).
3. Complete the setup process, which may include testing buttons to ensure compatibility.

2. **Enable HDMI-CEC (Anynet+)**:
- **Check on TV**:
1. Go to **Settings > General > External Device Manager**.
2. Ensure **Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)** is turned on.

- **Check on AV Receiver**:
1. On your Denon AV receiver, enable the HDMI-CEC feature. This is usually found in the settings under **HDMI** or **General**.
2. Refer to your Denon manual for the exact steps, as it can vary by model.

3. **Check Device Compatibility**:
- Ensure your AV receiver supports control via HDMI-CEC. While many newer models do, some older models might have limited functionality.

### **2. Return to Home Function and AV Receiver Input**

When you use the Home function on your Samsung TV, it typically switches the input back to the TV, which may cause your AV receiver to switch its input as well. Here’s how to manage this:

1. **Configure TV to Stay on Current Input**:
- **Disable Automatic Input Switching**:
1. Go to **Settings > General > External Device Manager**.
2. Disable **Auto Device Connection** if available.

2. **Set AV Receiver Input Manually**:
- Sometimes, manually setting the AV receiver to a desired input after the TV has switched to the Home screen can ensure it stays on the correct input.

3. **Use ARC for Simplified Control**:
- **Enable ARC**:
1. Ensure that you are using the HDMI port labeled **ARC** on both the TV and the AV receiver.
2. ARC (Audio Return Channel) helps in maintaining control and audio synchronization between your TV and AV receiver.
- **Setup on TV**:
1. Go to **Settings > Sound > Sound Output**.
2. Select **Receiver (HDMI)** or similar.

4. **Configure Power and Input Settings**:
- **On the AV Receiver**:
1. Go to the settings on your Denon receiver.
2. Set the power and input behavior to stay on the last used input when the device is turned back on.
- **On the TV**:
1. Adjust the power settings to prevent the TV from changing inputs automatically when it wakes up.

### **3. Additional Solutions and Recommendations**

1. **Universal Remote Control**:
- Consider using a high-quality universal remote, like the Logitech Harmony series, which can be programmed to control multiple devices and their inputs more effectively than a standard TV remote.

2. **Firmware Updates**:
- Ensure both your TV and AV receiver have the latest firmware updates. Manufacturers often release updates to improve device compatibility and functionality.
- For the Samsung TV, go to **Settings > Support > Software Update**.
- For Denon, refer to the receiver's manual for update instructions.

3. **Consult Device Manuals**:
- Reviewing the user manuals for both your Samsung TV and Denon AV receiver can provide specific instructions for enabling and optimizing HDMI-CEC and ARC features.

4. **Contact Support**:
- If issues persist, consider reaching out to Samsung and Denon support for specific advice tailored to your model and setup.

These steps should help you consolidate control of your devices and resolve the issue with your AV
That's fantastic advice. Got it working so thank you very much. Can I add the Anynet+ icon to the homepage as uts a pain to have to go to the connection menu all the time?
Tylry hold the logo down of the app add to home page