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Autotune missing channels

(Topic created on: 03-06-2022 07:07 PM)
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having a bit of an issue with our tele and wondered if anyone could offer advice. 
we have a Samsung UE40K series. We bought it in Switzerland and have now moved to the UK. 
It was set up in such a way that were able to view most regular terrestrial channels including BBC 1, BBC2, E4, food channel ect as well as the smart features like Netflix, Amazon prime, but we were never able to get the iPlayer.
About a week ago there was a big thunder storm, and since then we have not been able to view any tele so we presumed it was the Ariel on the roof of our flat.

We tried re-booting the tele from set up, as well as changing the region with the (mute up vol, up channel mute code) - which I didn’t know about till we had this issue. Still nothing. Although we have managed to be able to download the bbc iPlayer, (I presume that’s cause I’ve changed the region).
I thought I had better try a new wire and another tele in the same socket just to confirm before I call someone to get on the roof.
Bizarrely, the new wire seems to now pick up 12 more channels (starting at itv) but won’t find bbc 1 or 2. 
I tried the other tele and that seems to have no issues finding any channels at all, including bbc 1 (Although that tele was bought in the UK). 
Does anyone know how I can fix this and go back to being able to watch bbc 1, 2 and other regular terrestrial freeview channels?

grateful for any advice