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Aspect Ratio Errors with Prime Video (UK). Smart TV QE55QN95AATXU

(Topic created on: 20-12-2021 05:24 PM)

Hello, there are many posts within the Amazon community about Samsung  Smart TV's and aspect ratio (AR) when viewing Amazon Prime content. It is the sort of issue that is hard to nail where the problem lies. Nevertheless I hope that my experience will be familiar to some and eventually get a resolution. I notice a previous post talks of a Software Upgrade in Germany for resolving AR issues on Prime.... maybe that is a clue to what is happening in the UK...?

Prior to my new QE55QN95 arriving (what a great tele BTW), I used a Firestick to view Amazon Prime TV. This fed an old Panasonic Plasma where the firestick's output AR on the TV was available for adjustment. I never had an issue with AR. Neither do I have an issue with AR on my Sony Smart TV which also has the Amazon Prime APP.

With my new Samsung TV the AR adjustment is greyed out when viewing the Prime App as Samsung say the AR  is set by the APP .  

However,  I am watching series 6 of the Good Wife. With my new Samsung I notice that every other episode is displayed with the wrong aspect ratio.  Episode 17 is incorrect AR, Episode 18 is correct, Episode 19 is incorrect and so on. I must admit I have not tried every episode but clearly something is wrong.

You cannot make adjustments on the TV as the AR controls are greyed out and the Prime App sets the AR.  So it would seem that the content owner of the Good Wife has encoded the stream with incorrect AR information on every other episode. Amazon Prime does not touch the AR metadata , as broadcaster of the stream they just pass through what the content owner tells them. The Samsung tele acts on the metadata and there is nothing the user can do to resolve the incorrect picture shape.

After much CHAT with Amazon Prime, they accepted the content owner was at fault and agreed to raise a ticket with them. Great, I think, but I doubt nothing will get done.

But this doesn't explain why my Sony TV works fine and that too has the AR controls greyed out when using the Prime App. All the episodes look fine on the SONY.

According to the Amazon community forum there are many Prime Video examples where the AR is incorrect, and they are almost always to do with the Prime App on Samsung Smart TV's.  So I do think that there is something awry here.  I spent 35 years in the TV Broadcast sector with the last 14 years as CTO of a major UK News Provider and I feel I should be able to work out what is going on. But I cannot.

May be one of those nice Samsung moderators will read this and make some sense of it all.

Did I say what a nice TV the QE55QN95 is? Oh, so I did.







I might be stating the obvious. But have you tried deleting the app and reinstalling it?
How about trying your fire stick on the TV and make a comparison test?

Hello,  thanks for the reply.  The firestick is fine on the tele, but then the tele is seeing the stick as an external source..... The app cannot be deleted as it is pre installed by Samsung and the delete option is unavailable. But Auto Update is on and the App is at the current version.