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Alexa support not fully working with QE55Q90R

(Topic created on: 09-10-2020 09:52 PM)

I have two Samsung TVs

The frame 49" 2019 & QE55Q90R.


Both TVs are setup the same and both on my WiFi network and working.


i wanted to add Alexa support to both so I can use voice commands to turn the TVs on and off.


i have the Samsung Smart App on my iPhone and can see both TVs in the app, I can turn both on/off in the app without issue.


To get the TVs working in the Alexa app you first need to add the Samsung Smart App skill which I have done, then after asking the Alexa App to scam for new devices it successfully finds both TVs - so far so good.



the issue I have is that I can turn the Frame TV on and off in the Alexa app by clicking the on/off switch or by voice command - it works perfectly.


on the Q90 - I can turn the tv off by the Alexa app or voice command, however I cannot turn the tv 'on' by either the on/off button or voice command - Alexa shows the tv as not available?


ive checked all the settings deleted and tried from scratch several times, I even tried wired instead of wireless but it's the same problem, can turn off but not on? the TVs are like for like so I can't work out what's going on - any tips or advice.

First Poster

I have same problem with model Q65Q65 . I can turn off but not turn on.
Alexa just say "Please check it's network connection and power supply..."


The TV supports WoWLAN (Wake on Wireless LAN) but alexa doesn't support this link between WoL(Wake-on-LAN) packets integration with smart devices. Samsung is responsible to update this integration but it didn't after many years. I have a Q7 65" Samsung Smart TV and have been unhappy ever since. You can open a ticket asking samsung to include this support, I strongly advise all pissed users to do so, is the only way something is going to get done. Same thing about volume keys, why we cannot use Alexa to mute the TV? or control channels, open youtube and search for an specific keyword, record our favorite shows from our tv boxes? that's all a matter of poor integration. They spend millions or even billions on AI but zero on integration. Why? because they just want to sell their *****. They don't really care about making the best user experience. they care about saying there is AI (where doesn't even has) just to make people interested and desiring to buy their products. By the way, integration is not so difficult, is already supported by Alexa, but it requires some expertise writing scripts for (if I am not mistaken), called: samsung smart things hub. They have published a script for doing it, but quite handy to get it working. I didn't even lose my time trying. I advise the users, next time you purchase something, consider not buying from Samsung, choose another brand, such as Sony, Apple, Microsoft, etc. They don't deserve even our consideration. They don't really care about their customers, really, I am talking by experience. Their products lack lots of things, its always the cheapest hardware, the lack of quality, usability, and so on. 

And by the way, is very annoying to ask Alexa, turn of the TV, and receiving another question instead of the action. "Did you mean TV Samsung Q7 Series 65?". Even changing the name won't change this behavior. Everything made by Samsung is so careless about how things should work.