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AirPlay problem iOS QN43Q60T

(Topic created on: 21-12-2020 02:35 PM)
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I have a consistent problem with getting Airplay to work quickly / easily using iOS 14.x and my Samsung TV QN43Q60T

I have 2 TV's mounted side by side, one Apple TV connected to one screen. the TV's are define in Samsung SmartThings as "Basement Left" and "Basement Right"


I typically turn on the TV with the SmartThings app  ( because the remote turns on both at once - can't distinguish between the 2 for on/off - another problem/feature ) . Once on, I select Screen Mirroring and "Basement Left" (or Right) from my phone , and more often than not, nothing happens but a spinning wheel then a timeout and a failure message on the phone


I've tried various solutions

1. unplug and replug the TV

2. restart the phone 

3. restart SmartThings App, turn airplane mode on off

4. restart Wifi Mesh network Router ( Orbi Wifi 6 )

5. tried to block the 5.2Ghz network and have the TV's connect on 2.4  ( maybe worked initially but not clear)


nothing has worked consistently - very frustrating, I use this for a home gym and when I need to get on the exercise app in introduces 10-15 mins of fiddling and retries


I also have one Apple TV  connected ( older model). This ALWAYS works - I connect to the Apple TV using Screen Mirroring on the Phone - it just works. it triggers the TV to turn on and that's it. I don't have one per TV and sometimes we use both, so it'd be nice if AIrPlay just worked on the TVs.


Then, yesterday, after trying all the various ways to get Airplay to work directly on the TV , which failed - I tried the Apple TV method, it worked immediately. Then while Apple TV was working, I went into the control panel on the phone and switch to direct Airplay ( without the Apple TV)  - surprisingly, now that worked immediately, as if using Apple TV triggered something on the phone or TV, allowing the Airplay to the TV to work.


This should not be so hard - it should just work


My Wifi network is strong and fast. Can anyone explain this to me or point to a surefire way I can consistently use AirPlay on the TV ( without Apple TV)