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Airplay not working on Q80T (2020)

(Topic created on: 22-08-2022 07:19 PM)
First Poster

Hi the airplay function has not been really working in my relatively new TV (still within first year of purchase). Neither the Airplay nor the Mirroring has been working well especially I have the Apple TV at home as well to compare. 

Here’s what I have tried:

  • Already reset the TV to factory settings and even renamed the TV to a different name (before reset).
  • Unplug both TV and the router for 5 minutes
  • Before resetting, airplay never worked for nearly 5 months.
  • Finally made up my mind to reset the TV to try it again, it worked for half day then back to the same problem:
    • Samsung TV always appear in apple devices’ airplay or mirroring list. After I clicked the name, nothing happened and after 20-30 sec, it shows a message in the ios device saying “Unable to connect to Samsung TV”.
    • if the TV is off, I can click the airplay from the list to wake up the TV, but airplay won’t work. 
    • Even it works now, i disconnect and retry again, it could fail and it’s very unstable.

Have anyone experienced this and knew any fixes? I have searched this forum and I have tried most of solutions. Or this is just a common issue that can’t be fixed.