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AirPlay 2 problem


Hello, sorry for my English. After connecting to tv and copy the code from the writes to me ,,unable to connect to ...” why? App Apple TV is fine, but airplay on iPhone and MacBook has a problem. Please help me ..

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Turns out the solution is quite simple, plug a network cable from your router to your TV.

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I also tested it all the way in and out, but nothing helps except Require Code > Reset paired devices in TV's general settings. It helps for some time, then it goes back to Unable to connect with any device I have. 

Intersting thing I noticed that TV keeps all logs of Apple TV connections since it was first connected (June 9, 2019 in my case), maybe that's somehow related. 

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Searching online didn't yield any result. I promised I'll come back here if I'm able to fix it, and I did.

The problem was that I had the MacOS firewall enabled, blocking incoming connections.

What made me realize it is trying to cast from iTunes, which resulted in a more friendly error saying "your firewall is on".

Since this is a company laptop, I had to be a bit creative and disabling it, from the terminal type:

    sudo /usr/libexec/ApplicationFirewall/socketfilterfw --setblockall off

and type in your password.


Works immediately, have fun!


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I had a similar problem. My Mac did not find the TV. How I solved: 

1.- Go to settings / general / airplay config.

2.- Select about Airplay

3.- Switch the version to the original one

Than it will work! 

My tv had just updated it's firmware to 1356 and my iPhone is currently on 13.4.1 but when i tried to connect to airplay for my tv, it just won't connect.

Trying to setup videos (YouTube) on tv from iPhone but got a message "autoplay unable to connect"


I totally disappointed in Samsung. I just bought 2 TVs one for almost 5k $. If I can't get airplay to work I guest I will have to return them. Why would they advertise a feature when a lot of people can't even connect to it. Appletv works but airplay is not even showing on my phone. I can see my other AppleTV 4k box but no airplay on Samsung TV


This really fix my AirPlay's issues too!!! You must all give it a try!!!!



can anybody tell me if my model is compatible to airplay 



Also my software version is 1280

please if somebody can tell me if there is further update to this.



I have a Samsung TV UE55NU7400U.
AirPlay versions (About AirPlay) are 14.7.0  and 17.24.6
I have several apple devices - iPhones 8 & 11, MacBook Pro 2018 and MacBook Air 2020.

All of them discover the TV in the AiPlay menu but none of them connects.
It used to work until 2 weeks ago. I don't know what went wrong.
Iphone 11 running iOS 13.6.1 and McBook Pro run running MacOS 10.15.5

Please advise.


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