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Acessing the camera from applications on devices connected to the TV

(Topic created on: 12-04-2024 08:21 PM)
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I have a 2023 QE65QN95C TV which comes with a camera.

I want to use the TV and camera for Zoom sessions. Unfortunately though there appears to be no Zoom TV app for the Samsung TV. However, there is a zoom app for my Amazon Fire TV cube. When connected via HDMI the zoom app displays on the TV and can find the microphone and speakers in the TV. However it cannot find the attached camera on the top of the TV. Is there a way for the camera to be accessible to applications on devices such as the Fire TV Cube? Is there a setting in the TV I need to change?

Alternatively I notice that there is a USB-c connection on the bottom of the camera which uses a special adapter to attach to the connections on the back of the TV. Does the camera act as a USB cam if I used a USB-c cable to connect to it directlyThe camera works with the apps on the TV