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5th Exchange qn900a Dirty screen affect Poor

(Topic created on: 17-08-2022 11:48 AM)

Hi everybody I have have received many FAULTY televisions from Samsung  now since 4/5/20 to 9/8/22 and  every single television samsung sent  me they were faulty and plagued with DIRTY SCREEN EFFECT. 

My 5th exchange qn900a was delivered 9/8/21 and this was a brand new out of the box and shows a grid like pattern that shows up mainly on white or blue sky or anything like smoke/clouds and it makes tv viewing a awful experience. 
Even when I contacted Samsung customer service and they know how main faulty tvs they have sent me you have to jump through getting sent to technical to check the issue.
MY history 
Tv no.1 -faulty after six months repaired .
Tv no.1 -Repair lasted 4 months. 
Tv no.2 - After just 25 days dirty screen effect verification by engineer. 
Tv no.3 -Delivered Damaged and showed dirty screen effect 3 strips along screen .
Tv no.4 - Dropped my delivery company and box was battered Rejected at door.
Tv no.5 -Dirty screen effect is awful .
So my knowledge I have gain every single 8k television made by samsung have dirty screen effect and they know only a engineer can verify it and they try and put you off by the excuses like can't see the faulty ,with inspection and engineer was wrong you get the message. 
I KNOW WHAT DIRTY SCREEN EFFECT IS REPLACE MY TV Ref *****  but they can't my experience they sell faulty one