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Unlock pattern

(Topic created on: 03-06-2024 09:49 PM)
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I really need some help to solve a screw up of my fault. In the heat of the moment to stop my daughter from accessing my wife's Galaxy Tab S9+, I introduced a screen lock pattern. By the time my wife got home, I had forgotten it. I have been trying combinations for a couple of days now and now the last failure increased the delay to 24hours.

Is there a way for me or my wife to unlock this tablet in some other way? Factory reset is not a good idea since she doesn't want to lose her data. 

Unfortunately the tab doesn't seem to be registered towards my wife's samsung account and therefore doesn't show up in find my device. I wonder if one can mount the drive to anotjer computer to at least save the data.... 



Paulo Matos

Hi there,

To remove the screen lock it would be a case of doing a data reset through recovery mode. You won't be able to back up any information without being able to unlock the device.

Doing a reset this way will trigger Google FRP so you'll need to know the Google details linked to the device to set the device up again.

If you've done any sort of back up to Google then when you set the tablet up again, you'll get the option to restore from backup.

To get into recovery mode the tablet turns need to be turned off and plugged into PC/Laptop. Then press and hold volume up and power button until you see Samsung logo. It should boot into recovery mode. Highlight option to data reset using volume down button and power button to confirm.

If this way doesn't work. Try doing volume up, volume down and power button at the same time. As soon as the tablet goes off quickly change the buttons to volume up and power button until you see Samsung logo. Again, select option for data reset using volume down key and power to confirm.

Failing all of this, you'll need to call Samsung Support and can book repair for engineer to flash the software but it won't fall under warranty repair.

Hope this helps
It sounds like a challenging situation. One potential solution could be to use Android Device Manager to remotely reset the screen lock. Alternatively, if the tablet has USB debugging enabled, you might be able to connect it to a computer and use ADB (Android Debug Bridge) to bypass the lock screen.