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Unable to use sd card on gakaxy tab s2 SM-T810

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I have an official Samsung 32gb micro see card installed in my tab s2. 


I am unable to move any file onto the card. I have tried the following


1. Checking tablet software is up to date (7.0)

2. Reformatted card in the device.

3. Used a second Samsung 32gb card


Thd carc is recognised and informs me of how mucb data it has left, it even puts the files ANDROID and LOST.DIR o to it from the format but that is as far as i can get


Nothing else seems to work. 


Does anyone have any idea how I can get the tablet to transfer files on to a card


Hi @Mav82uk


Do you have Developer Options turned on? If so, it may be affecting moving stuff to the card.


Check in your tablet's Settings menu; if it's enabled it'll be at the bottom between 'User Manual' and 'About Device'. You'll be able to disable it by clicking into it, and toggling it to 'Off'.

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Thanks for the reply.


Those options are not turned on.


I will purchase another card and see how that one goes on in the near future..


Is there any possibility that the tablet itself could be corrupting the cards?


Or something on the tablet is corrupting them. The best way to test is to try another SD Card and also run the tablet in Safe Mode to rule out non-stock apps. 

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