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Touchscreen Issues whilst Gaming

(Topic created on: 10-03-2024 03:16 AM)
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I use my tablet to play a variety of rhythm games with multiple fingers.
This demands a high quality of input recognition from the device.

I have used the TabA SM-T510 for years and it has been great. However, it does not have enough storage to store the whole range of games I play and is slowly being aged out so can't keep up with the newest titles and updates. (SD card is not an option as many of the games require internal storage to operate.)

I went to upgrade to the S5e SM-T720 for the higher quality display, larger storage capacity, ability to run newer titles and all-round higher specs.
However, the touch screen has some serious issues. 

▪︎ The delay is quite noticeable - latency during drags is visually present. This can be rectified with offset changes in most games so is not the worst offender in terms of issues but I thought it was still worth mentioning.
▪︎ When dragging multiple inputs on screen, they can jump between each other and switch places almost at random. For games where precise input and drags are required, I'm sure folks can understand why this is a huge issue. 
The image attached shows the outcome of these inputs changing places with each other mid-drag - it is a mess. 
See video attachments for clearer examples of what's happening.
▪︎ The drag inputs are much less accurate when moving at speed.
Touch inputs are a series of dots - these dots make up the lines that we perceive during a drag. The SM-T720 has less dots when dragging - it seems to take less reference points. This makes the drags less accurate, and actually skips several inputs, especially at high speed. When testing through the Samsung Members app touch screen "test", if I drag with any speed, it will skip many dots. Speed is an important factor in the games I play.
▪︎ This can be visualised further if you compare the video attachments. The circle motion gives a relatively clean circle on my TabA SM-T510. On the S5e SM-T720, you can see how jagged the circles are from the lower quality of touch recognition.
Again, for rhythm games where accuracy is a major factor, this will cause inputs to drop and notes to be lost simply because the touch screen is underperforming.

I do not use a screen protector of any kind on either device.

I have never experienced any of these issues with my TabA SM-T510. 
As shown in the video attachment, it has crisp input recognition, minimal delay, and none of the jumping and switching of which-finger-is-which for the drag inputs.
It is concerning that newer models of tablet perform to a lower standard than a device that is nearly half a decade old.

This is not a problem with my device alone, this is a systemic issue with newer Samsung devices.
I was recently at a Samsung Experience store and one of the employees allowed me to use their personal device, an S8 Plus, to test my concerns on.
The same issues were present on their device.

I don't know for certain but this feels like it might have something to do with the device trying to be too clever - as though to make up for the lower-quality input recognition, the devices tries to predict where the drag will go based on velocity and direction. It would help explain the strange shape that the circle drags present, and possibly the inputs switching fingers too, as though the device is confused at which finger is which.

I don't know if anyone here can help at all, but I was directed to this space after contacting customer service about the issue.
I am seriously getting to the point where I might have to bite the bullet and make the switch to Apple, which I would rather not do if possible - however, if I can't find a suitable device to upgrade to, I don't see myself having any other option.

I use my tablet for nothing more than as a device to play rhythm games and they are quite important to me as a means to relax / a form of escapism.

I'd be beyond grateful for any assistance or guidance people can provide.

Direct comparison of touch input quality between SM-T720 (top) and SM-T510 (bottom).

TabA SM-T510 Input Visualisation Video

S5e SM-T720 Input Visualisation Video