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Tab A7 Lite sound issue

(Topic created on: 05-02-2023 08:51 AM)
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OK guys and gals

Recently purchased a Galaxy Tab A7 lite tablet.

Works great, but in most apps, there is a sound issue.

This only occurs AFTER an advert runs through its time, after this the app being used loses sound completely, be it a game, social media, all sound is lost.

Oddly to close the app you get a sound from the Samsung buttons to close it, but in sound app, though on, is gone.

I have tried one tablet already, second one did the same thing, am about to take this back and get a refund, this is not something that should happen. 

All updates are in, sound settings are normal, but in an app, only in an app, after an advert, the sounds is just switched off, at least 3 or games ony ones downloaded, this has happened, only resolution is to close the app and open it again, and even then sometimes the sound is off despite all sound icons in game and tablet saying sound is on. 

First Poster

Same happens to me when running Nier Reincarnation.  Also lose sound just when anything happens to shut the screen off, such as letting the screen go to sleep on its own, or powering off the screen myself.  It is always a trial of doing everything I can to prevent the screen from shutting off, otherwise I need to either play with no sound, or restart the app, which takes like 3-4 minutes.  A real pain.