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System memory Tab S7

(Topic created on: 29-10-2020 11:08 PM)
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I've recently bought Samsung tab S7, I transferred a few photos and videos that took around 34GB of my space. So I decided to delete all my transferred items to regain back my original space of around 256GB. After I deleted everything, I checked the system memory to see if the taken space has been freed or at least reduced to an expected value but the value of the space remain unchanged as if my photos and videos were not deleted... I've even deleted the recycled bin to ensure that I've permanently deleted all the photos and videos... I checked the storage and it stated that the system memory has still taken up 34GB of my space. How do I resolve this issue? Or is the Tab still processing the deletion? I reset the Tab and then checked the storage whether a change has occur, but the information regarding my storage memory remain unchanged.