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Speedtests !!

(Topic created on: 17-11-2022 10:01 AM)

I have noticed in the passed few weeks that my Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ is slower, when I say slower, I mean just loading simple webpages, like the news etc. I keep it streamlined and do the various security and tidy up unwanted data and items.  It's by far not heavily used ! It took almost a minute for this page to load after clicking the New Post button !!

If I run a Speedtest (using Speedtest app), alongside my trusty Google Pixel 5, the download and uploads speeds differ hugely.

Now, I do know that it's probably not a good comparison, but both devices are, in my opinion reasonably top end devices.

Pixel 5 Download is 67.9Mbps and Upload is 15.1Mbps (constantly around these figures).

Tab S7+ Download is 6.11Mbps and Upload 1.02Mbps (constantly around these figures).

These speeds were done at approx 10am in the morning, so hardly "Internet rush hour.

Current storage left is 66GB out of 128GB and current memory left is 2.3GB out of 6GB.

Any ideas or advice would be appreciated.