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Second tablet screen

(Topic created on: 07-07-2023 08:32 AM)

Hi, I own a galaxy tab S7. I use it all the time since most of the things I currently don't  require a windows PC. I am a college student and most of my requirements are solving questions. However the title itself can take up almost the whole screen of my tablet, I have been considering a second screen for a while. That had some drawbacks, but then I remembered the LG phone that had a case with a display. That idea failed because it makes no sense for a phone.

What I am trying to suggest is a case that holds a dummy display. What makes it better than the 3rd party second display, is that the displays are the same in every regard, just take the screen of the tablet and slap it on a case 😀.The reason for samsung to make the display, apart from having the same display, is so that the S-pen is supported on the second screen. It could even come with some battery inside so that the battery life of the tablet doesn't degrade at all, it could even improve. 

This could make the samsung S tablet lineup soo much better than, as Apple calls it "laptop replacement", iPad. It will give multitasking meaning on a tablet. Now is the time, since Google is pushing tablets as well and apps are getting tablet optimized.

This is the foldable equivalent on a tablet, since a foldable tablet doesn't make sense with the current plastic displays. Add a hinge to the case and you have a keyboard and mouspad on the lower screen and the second acts as a monitor. You have better ways to maximize the potential since you have the samsung fold.

I would buy it as soon as it came out, I am pretty sure I wouldn't be the only one. Though I would like at least a prototype 😉.

Thank you. #Tablets