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Improvements for samsung notes

(Topic created on: 07-07-2023 08:00 AM)

I am currently using the galaxy tab S7 to study and take notes. Everything works but I have a couple of suggestions to make the notes app even better.


First, let users decide how many preset colours you can have on the toolbar. Currently you have 3 presets no more no less. However even though you can select which colours you want, you are stuck with 3. I like to take notes with different colours and have to go to the color selection too many times making me lose time and track of the class. Furthermore you can customize the right side of the toolbar, Why not make the whole toolbar customizable. I know that you can have preset pens and change between them with the button. But this is no good since you have to cycle through a bunch of pens just to get to the one you want. All that while holding the Spen away from the screen.


On another note, add better templates or let users use a pdfs as templates. Currently I have to add my pdf multiple times to use it as a template.


This two things would make the app even better. To be clear I really like the app but those changes can save users a lot of time. Last things to add, in my opinion, an option to make dotted lines and a better way to draw shapes, like the way that the app concepts use.


Thank you. #samsung notes