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Samsung tablet s4 reboot loop

(Topic created on: 17-06-2021 03:48 AM)
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My Samsung galaxy tab s4 has been doing a reboot loop since this morning and it is currently 10:48pm. I need help and factory reset is not an option because I have way too much important stuff on it that cannot and will not be lost. I have tried almost everything except letting it die and going to a Verizon store to get it fixed via computer. I have no computer at home and I repeat, factory reset is never gonna be an option for me. Right now I'm just gonna let it die then charge it to full while it's still off to see if that will work. If not then my mom is gonna take me to Verizon tomorrow so they can fix it without losing anything because everything on that tablet is too dang important to me and it WILL NEVER be lost. 


You should have automatic backup switched on, to minimise disruption from events such as this. And, the bad news is: it is highly likely that Verizon will wipe everything on your device, because NO COMPANY will ever risk backing up a stranger's device because, potentially, the cause of your malfunction could well be caused by some sort of malware. Learn to backup regularly.


Hey all,

I've just edited the posts to avoid any possible negative confrontations. But as @Steven9761 mentioned, it's highly unlikely any store will perform the backup for you. Also, Factory Data Resets are usually performed before carrying out any repair, so again, it is highly likely you will lose all your data unless you've previously backed this up online or on an external storage. 

As you've mentioned that you've tried pretty much everything, could you let me know what you've tried so I can provide you with any steps you may have missed?