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Samsung TabA receives but doesn't send calendar sync

(Topic created on: 19-08-2020 03:49 PM)
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Hi All,

We have a 'Samsung TabA' which, up until a month or so ago, used to sync calendar entries both in and out.

We now find that if we enter an appointment on laptop Outlook or our mobiles, it shows up no problems on the Tab ... however ... If we make an entry in the Tab, it stores it fine but DOES NOT sync with the other devices.

In essence, it is like it receives data ok but doesn't send it!

I have tried various forums but none seem to work ... can I be a pain and that if someone does have an idea, can you do an *****s step by step guide on how to rectify this as I often see a lot of Jargon that may be understood by those in the know but it's us that don't know that are having the difficulty, lol.

Many thanks