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Samsung TAB E

(Topic created on: 01-08-2020 01:33 PM)
First Poster

Hello folks


I have a Samsung TAB E, the current android version is 4.4.4, is there a later version that can be downloaded into my device? When I check for updates on the machine it states that Samsung TAB E is up to date. It also lists Android security patch level 2016-12-01 is on my tablet, is this also the latest patch?  I am also concerned that the G-mail is also an older version: 2019.10.20.278647676 release at 89.97 MB 

The Samsung TAB E details are as follows; Model No SM-T560, Kernel version 3.10.17-1157403,

build No KTU84P.A3LSMT560, FCC certification ID A3LSMT560 and security software version ASKS v 1.2_161011.


There is also approximately 50 entries listed in the Trusted Credentials which appear to be mainly foreign companies, I am also concerned that they may be corrupting the Samsung TAB E device.

I would appreciate if you could explain in great detail, what I need to do, to resolve these issues.

I hope I have given enough information, to enable the Samsung community to advise me accordingly.

Thank you in anticipation