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Samsung S7+ Note Cover - Another idea left by the wayside

(Topic created on: 17-06-2023 07:52 AM)
Big Cheese
I purchased this for her indoors tablet, my old Samsung S7+, i did want it when i used it but i think it was 70 pounds, this time i paid 25 pounds, but in summary a great innovative idea not progressed to its full potential.

I used the S7+ keyboard cover, stand which is awesome, makes our TabS7+ and TabS8 Ultra into a mini laptop.

The Note View cover, i wanted to use to try and draw (failed), a protection for the screen and a cool note taker with the S Pen.

Sadly, the cover is so opaque it is useless and an eye strain, the s pen click or double tap never works, meaning each time press the power button, unlock as the biometrics don't work through the note cover. Protection is bad, as the Cover has no reall rentention method, so if dropped, you will probably smashe the tablet screen and wreck the cover.

Only pluses are the feel is like really paper when using the S pen and a storage place for the s pen.

Come on Samsung, i am on a positive rant on many great ideas, you think of half develop, get bored, leave and look to the next idea, just for the sake of being innovative.

Innovation is admirable but without the steadfastness to see the idea through and develop its product, feature life, it is all pointless, C Labs = CopOut Labs.

Regards, Obsydian

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