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Samsung Notes Incompatibility

(Topic created on: 19-09-2017 07:40 AM)
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I have just got my Note8. Best phone ever! But the handwritten notes I create on it cannot be edited on my Tab S3. I get a message saying that the versions of Samsung Notes are different. To say I'm disappointed is putting it mildly: Apple's Notes work cross tablet and phone; Evernote is the same app regardless of where your'e working; OneNote is truly cross-platform. Come on please Samsung sort this one out. I've paid top dollar for your flagship phones and tablets and this is not what I expected. 


Yep I just bought the Samsung S3 Tab yesterday to work with my note 8. That the notes brought over can't be edited is a big disappointment. I was divided about getting the Tob or an IPad pro. Given the notes issues I'm debating returning the Tab and going with the IPad pro


On the plus side I love my Note 8 and aside from the note problem I there's a lot of nice features in the Tab. So I will see if I can find a work around. One possibility just us One Note which seems to work well on both devices



i have the same issue here , just got my Tab S3 hoping that i can sync the notes and edit them on both of my Note8 and tab S3 devices , and now it only works one way , only the notes created on Tab S3 can be edited on Note8 . unbelievable i cant even believe that Samsung is being so careless about this .

Note 8 Samsung Notes Version :

Tab S3 Samsung Notes Version :

has anyone found any solution for this, i was thinking about finding the Note8 Version of Samsung Notes and install it on Tab S3 ? any thoughts ?


Having absolutely the same issue. Cannot edit Samsung Note on Glaxy Tab S3, edited on Glaxy S8 before and synced. This is unbelievable, that Samsung Notes are not compatible with Samsung Notes. 

Samsung MUST solve this!!! 


Me too.  I've been using the Note line of phones since 5, in between grabbing other models for a while. 

I've not owned a Samsung tab before but thought a good feature would be the option of the notes across the platforms. 

I've got other problems with the Tab, battery use the big one. I'm down 20% having been at 100% 4 hours ago.  This is the first use of it today. Nothing running.

I'm stuck with it.  So getting the compatibility problem resolved is a big one. This is my first stop on researching it.  

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I have the sme issues. Unbelievable these are some of the top Samsung products and Samsung cant even reply on there own community site. I and everyone in my household has Samsung phones tvs etc. maybe time to rethink Samsung. I've been using the note line since note3. 

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Samsung developers are not users and Samsung Product Managers don't manage very well at all what developers throw out at us. This has gone on for 8 years i have had Note devices and Tablets. Equals poor product Management. Product managers should be users. I have been forced to us MS OneNote which works accross ALL platforms. Also it has great notebook, file, and page organization. I use it for keeping track of all business and household info and notes and works well on Windows computers, Note phone devices and tablets. I hear it also works well on iphones, ipads and mac computers accross all platforms for updating anywhere. SHAME ON SAMSUNG FOR NOT GETTING IT RIGHT ON ONLY THEIR OWN PLATFORMS. VERY POOR MANAGEMENT....HURTS US USERS WHO GENERALL LOVE THE SAMSUNG PRODUCTS.

SAMSUNG....PLEASE FIX least by cross platform products for your latest products. WHEW!
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It works.
I just install on Tab3.
Finally, I can edit the notes.

Shame on Samsung....

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Same issues *****, bought the Note 8 (Great Phone) I committed a BIG MISTAKE of buying the Tab S3, thinking I could seamlessly sync SNote and Samsung Notes between the two devices. to my frustration and after spending all the money on the Tab S3 I discovered that SNote is no longer available from Samsung on the Tab S3 and to add to my frustration Samsung Notes on the Tab S3 is a different version from the one on the galaxy note 8 so notes from my phone can’t be edited on Tab S3.


Last tablet I buy from Samsung I could have gone for the iPad pro but I got influenced by the idea that Samsung tablet and phone will work well together.


Samsung just ignores customers I can see this was logged back on September 2017 and cannot see Samsung technical support doing anything to address the issue.


I will take to social media on this!    


Yes, I'm floored. Writing a book on Tab S3, added a page on my Note 8, now the entire file is useless on my Tab. It's ridiculous.