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Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 4G - No VoLTE Support - HUGE disappointment

(Topic created on: 28-11-2020 09:34 AM)

Tab active 3 just came to the market and continues the samsung trend of no Volte support. I just got one LTE version and I got disappointed.


VoLTE support is non existent in all samsung tablets. That has no logic especially that 3G will be turned off next year in many European countries.


In a business related device is unacceptable not to support Volte as many users need from the same device to have voice calls and access data. There are many places that 4G/LTE is available and not H+ or 3g and that means that the device should switch back to 2G that makes it not able to access internet at the same time. even when 3g is available data is not flowing.


There are some guides to root the device upload the nessesary files and enable VoLTE but as Tab Active 3 is a business tablet is not a good idea to root it for security reasons.


Not supporting VoLTE has no sense for samsung as it is a very easy procedure for them to enable it and that can be done in a matter of minutes.


I hope this time someone from Sansung to reply and explain to us why they are not supporting Volte in their tablets.


I hope soon Samsung to send an update that will include VoLTE support to fix that  great mistake.