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Lots of problems with the S9 Plus after the upgrade. Is there a way to remove the upgrade?

(Topic created on: 23-04-2024 05:41 AM)
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I recently upgraded my S9 Plus to Android 14 and UI 6.1 and I kinda regret it.

I always use dex, and there are several problems that are bothering me so far and I would appreciate it if someone has an idea how to fix them:

1. Auto fill doesn't work. Since the upgrade, it is not possible to click on the addresses that appear in the autofill line. Neither passwords nor text, which is very inconvenient when I want to login sites for example or use words I've already used before in search lines.

2. The keyboard remains small. Before the upgrade, I set my keyboard to a slightly larger size (but not completely). Now, after the upgrade, when I set it to the same size as I had before, the keyboard returns to its small size after a while (like by default).

3. Weaker sound in headphones. I noticed a hearing difference in the volume of the sound in the headphones after the upgrade, and now it is much weaker. I tried to increase it in the settings, but it's not the same quality as before.

4. Searching in gallery (Samsung Gallery). I have a very large photo gallery. Before the upgrade, whenever I searched the gallery for things, it immediately showed me all the search results. Now after the upgrade, it doesn't find everything. It does find and show everything only after I press enter, but it wasn't like that before. And it's very uncomfortable.

5. The keyboard hides the text box while typing. When I type things in different text boxes (websites/apps), the keyboard tends to hide what I'm typing. For example here, when I opened this topic, and typed things, the keyboard hid what I was typing, and I had to go down with the page again and again to see. The same thing happens to me on apps like Instagram and TikTok before the upgrade.

Some things were resolved after I quit dex, like issues #1 and #2. But I love using dex and I'm very disappointed that I now have these problems. I would appreciate any help, even if there is a possibility to remove the upgrade and return the tablet to the previous state. Thanks.

First Poster

I'm also encountering this issue. Upgrading to Android 14 and UI 6.1 has brought about several challenges, especially when using Dex. I can relate to your frustrations, particularly with autofill not functioning properly, the keyboard resizing on its own, diminished headphone sound quality, and the gallery search behaving differently than before. It's disappointing to experience these setbacks, especially when Dex is such a preferred feature. While some issues were resolved upon quitting Dex, it's not an ideal solution. I'm also eager to find any fixes or, if possible, revert to the previous state before the upgrade. Any advice or guidance on resolving these issues would be greatly appreciated.