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Latest update Galaxy S7

(Topic created on: 02-07-2022 09:45 AM)
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A couple of days ago I installed the latest update. now my touch screen is being very tempermental and I am having troube opening apps often. Sometimes I can open an app and then can@t get any further. Sometimes I have to use the Keyboard to open it. sometimes neither work. sometimes I can have only one app open at a time.
Altergether very frustrating. it takes ages even get to write an email as I'm forced to figure out if I need to use the keyboard of or not and then neither of these options work.
I have pressed the start and volume keys together a number of times to no avail. if i go into settings to clear cache or check on space I can't actually get far enough into it to an option to do anything.
Any advice please and how on earth do I make the damed curser move to where I left off typing when I stop to think halfway through a sentence rather than it going back to the last place that I started annoying. Many thanks