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How do I disable Guest Accounts on my Galaxy TabS?

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I updated my Tab S a while ago and there's a new feature that allows anyone to log in using a guest account.


How do I turn that off? I don't want people to be able to use the Tab unless they have an account and know the log in details.


My specific problem (and I'm sure many others have it too):


I have restricted profiles set up for my kids. They can log in at certain times of the day and the accounts are time limited. Once in, the contentent is limited too. I manage all of this using the Screentime app and OS settings.


Since guest accounts were introduced, my kids can simply pickup the tablet and log in as a guest, givening them unrestricted access and unlimited time.


Right now, my solution is to sell the Tab on eBay. 


Hi @RobW1.


Removing 'Guest' accounts can be tricky. The safer method can be found here, but whether that option is available does vary.


Although I can't guarantee if it'll work (and have to advise it'll be at your own risk if you do decide to do it) I also found this over on the US Community, which appears to work for more than the Tab A of that thread's topic.

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Hi @AntS,


Thanks for the reply and the effort you put in to finding some answers.


To be honest, I really don't want to go messing about in the OS to solve the problem. I was rather hoping that Samsung would sort this out by adding some config like other manufacturers have done.


It seems like a massive oversight to me and I'm not sure why it hasn't already been addressed. 


Yes, this seems like an oversite but Samsung doesnt seem to be addressing it either. They need to put in a feature such that guest accounts cant be created

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Any update from Samsung? This is a big security and privacy concern. I am surprised that Samsung has not addressed this!

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if anyone still wants to delete the guest account I found a way.

log into the guest account.
tap the user icon,
then tap guest and select details,
from there you should be able to tap 'remove guest account'

(im using s6 so milage may vary on other devices)
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