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Galaxy S6 Lite Bluetooth Disconnecting

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I'm having an issue with my new Galaxy S6 Lite. I'm able to successfully pair my Bluetooth headphones to the tablet, and it works for playback such as video and music streaming. However, when in a video call, the headphones disconnect within a minute. I tried reconnecting and returning to the call, but they disconnected again almost immediately. The headphones are Lypertek Tevi Bluetooth 5.0 headphones. I also tried unpairing the right earbud, and then pairing the left, but the same thing happens. Any fixes that anyone can think of?




@a95mick: Which app are you using to make your video calls? Next time the issue occurs, head to Settings > Connections > Bluetooth > Tap the 3 dots in the top right > Advanced > Bluetooth Control History, and check to see if any apps have turned off Bluetooth recently, and adjust the permissions accordingly via Settings > Apps > Select the relevant app > Permissions > Bluetooth. 


If the above isn't applicable, are you able to try another Bluetooth headset with your tablet to see if the issue persists, or try your existing Buds with another device? This will help to determine if the issue lies with the headphones or the tablet itself. 

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Same thing happens to me, only it will be any bluetooth device - headphones and mouse most recently (I'm not sure how successful the connection is overall as I just recently received my tablet)


When I pull up the history the page says 'no apps' 


Is this a fault with the S6 lite? 😞


I've been using Google Duo ' Hangouts, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. It's consistent across apps. The problem did let up for about a week, but started up again recently. In fact, it seems to be worse now, as it's disconnecting even during playback from Spotify. Or should I say, when Spotify is paused, it disconnects. When audio is actively streaming from Spotify, the headphones remain connected. To be clear, that does not hold true for the video calling apps, where it disconnects randomly and frequently.

I checked the Bluetooth control history, and there are no apps listed.


The headphones work consistently with my laptop, phone, and desktop (through a Bluetooth dongle). Unfortunately, I do not own or have access to another set of Bluetooth headphones to try with the tablet.

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