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Excessive, unnecessary apps on Samsung 8gb devices

(Topic created on: 10-02-2018 07:30 AM)

Dear Samsung,

I love Samsung products. This is my second tablet and I have a Microwave, PC & TV by Samsung also.  So I really must trust in Samsung name.

However, I feel that Samsung could do their customers a favour and cut out all unnecessary apps or at least allow the customer the opportunity to delete them!

Attached are a list of applications that came installed and cannot be removed on my Samsung Galaxy TabA 6:

Android System WebView (Think this might be necessary for running system.)






Galaxy Apps






Google Play Movies & TV


Google Play Music


Google Play Services


Google Play Store


Google Text-to-speech


Hancom Office Cell Viewer


Hancom Office Shared


Hancom Office Show Viewer


Hancom Office Widget &


Hancom Office Word Viewer




Kids Mode


Maps (Google)


Samsung Internet


Samsung Music


Samsung MyGalaxy


Samsung Push Service






Hancom Office Updater


Hancom Office Viewer



Total usage is 2140.46 and I feel that much of this is surplus to my requirement and could be freed up to give me more valuable space! (I do have a micro sd card but this is not helping at all!) I have also noticed that there is something called weather Service running as an active app! Haven’t a clue what this is for and am wondering what else is lurking in the background. In Application Manager, YouTube is logged but not showing in the Apps which I find very strange too.  I realise that some of the applications are necessary for running of Android system but I am absolutely certain that some are not.  Why for instance do you have two music players and internet browsers? 

Please consider the customer next time you are building the software into these tablets and if something is not necessary for the running of the system then it should be optional for us to remove it. Perhaps Samsung should consider a bare minimum tablet also?

One last thing. Does Samsung ever consider putting inbuilt screen protectors on their tablets/phones.  Would make life a whole lot easier for the customer. 

Thanks for listening.

p.s. I am certain that most of your customers are of the same opinion as everyone I have spoken to with who has 8gb has space problems.

Samsung Members Star ★★

Most apps can be force stopped or uninstalled but its true out of the box there are some that Samsung add which cannot be uninstalled using the uninstall wizard. 


However in the PlayStore are Package disablers that can disable some. Be careful on how you use these.


The problem is that the Android Operating System uses some of your internal storage plus some is gated off for future updates so the 8Gb is reduced to around 6Gb. 


That can soon be used up as we use our devices with apps and media etc. 


I can understand why manufacturers still release 8Gb storage devices as the price of these are a choosing point for some consumers. 


However 8Gb isnt enough in today's usage habits. I used to advise people to pay that little bit more for at least a 16Gb storage model but now id suggest to go for a 32/64Gb or whatever a person can afford as usage soon takes up the space. 


A Sd Card only goes so far to help. 


A person using a 8Gb option is going to need to be a very light user or continually micro manage the space. 



Daily Driver > Samsung Galaxy s²⁴ Ultra 512Gb ~ Titanium Black.

The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
I'm here to help. " This is the way. "



Thanks for the input Band of Brothers. It is very much appreciated.

I know most apps probably can be disabled and the list I put up is a list of those that cannot be removed and disabling them could cause problems. Please correct me if I am wrong but when they are disabled they stay on the system using up space? (Not sure about this as I haven't disabled one for years.)

When I bought my new Samsung I had considered getting 16gb but shops did not have any in the 7 – 8 inch models only 10” which I didn’t want. I checked specs of my 5 year old Samsung against the S6 and the new specs were slightly better so I decided to give it a try.  I was really disappointed because my old one had a lot more free space and I had a lot more apps on it.  At the moment I have the bare minimum of apps and all my pics (and apps where applicable) are on SD card and it is still running out of space!  Hence this post. If manufacturers did not put excess unwanted apps (What on earth do I need office on my tablet for?  This should definitely be a choice.) on the tablets then most of us wouldn’t need to fight for space!  2140mb is a lot of space sitting doing nothing.

As I mentioned before I love Samsung but if a manufacturer were to come along offering the bare minimum of apps I would grab it while it was there. Although I don't see this happening anytime soon.  😞

Amen!!! All the ridiculous & unnecessary apps they include in these phones and tablets, it's completely asanine. Hopefully in their future developing, they will at least somewhat consider their potential customers and take in our suggestions that we continue to make.
Ashley Nicole Mello

I have a Galaxy j7 perx that I just bought about 2 weeks ago. I use Nova Launcher to personally customize my phone, as well as KLWP and KWGT since you can't have one without the other. I've got a couple of social apps installed like Snapchat and Line, and some other system device apps that I used to maintain my my phone. That's about it. I have about 6 gigabytes of storage left, and about 332 megabytes of memory left. 

The amount of pre-installed garbage on these phones is appalling. The Samsung apps themselves actually update themselves even when you uninstall them and force stop them. Galaxy apps in particular.

I don't happen to use at least three-quarters of them, but I have to continue to deal with it. This really needs to stop with not just Samsung, but all of these mobile device manufacturers. 

On my previous j7 perx, I rooted it and removed all of that ***** with TWRP and Magisk. Bear in mind, this was pretty much a brand new phone too.. About 2 months old. Somehow, out of the blue, it just stopped charging. No indication that it was going to fail or anything. I took it off the charger, took it to work with me, brought it home and put out back on the go. 

Here's the clincher, the device actually stopped charging shortly after it was rooted (about a week), making it impossible for me to flash the stock firmware back on it using Odin. 

I spoke with Samsung customer service and sent my phone in for repairs. I already knew what was going to happen with a custom kernel still installed on my phone. Two days later while tracking the repair, they had posted that my phone was no longer under warranty and shipped it back. 

Moral of the story is, you can cry all you want but once you own their product they own you.

Remember, when you purchase a product, you're going to them which means you're going to pay for whatever they decide to give you as a product. The only way out of it is to not buy the product. 

Don't forget, both Apple and Samsung are slugging it out to be the number one. 

Apple has a highly restricted corporate Nazi Empire that is constantly refining itself to put its product in as many consumers hands as possible. 

I believe Samsung is starting to follow suit. I've had Samsung phones for a long time, but what I'm seeing pre-loaded on these phones is a testament as to how Samsung will force your hand to update your phone as much as possible. As a matter of fact, for you 16 gigabyte users, I can almost guarantee you'll need a new phone every year until you finally upgrade to one of their $900 flagships. 

I get it, that's business, but the consumer is the one suffering here with all of the newly written TOS and policy updates that would show up in the fine print of any product you purchase. 

Believe it or not, what you're feeling the effects of is actually a market monopoly. 

Hi ListlessSpectre,
I agree with everything you are saying. Corporations just wanting to get bigger and bigger and not just phones!
I don't suppose there is a phone company who doesn't give all the palaver that the biggies do? 😞

@Graciemac wrote:
Hi ListlessSpectre,
I agree with everything you are saying. Corporations just wanting to get bigger and bigger and not just phones!
I don't suppose there is a phone company who doesn't give all the palaver that the biggies do? 😞

Nope. From what I understand, Android One's introduction is supposed to fix this. LG, Motorola and other mobile brands are incorporating into their phones to alleviate the consumer queries about bloatation. Samsung is getting ready to jump on the bandwagon (finally) so give it about 6 months and have a hefty wallet. From what I understand this is supposed to come out on the Galaxy 10. 

Thanks ListlessSpectre, Info supplied is much appreciated. Good news for a change. 🙂
First Poster

I had a nice 7inch tablet of Samsung it was really good but it Brook. I think I will buy the same again because it was easy a good one, and now it will be even better probely well no as you say now it's 8g and it's to small wy makes Samsung there tablets worse stupid I think.


Yes we are all getting poor value from Samsung.  I suggest you go through all your apps that you don't use and try and uninstall updates and then uninstall the apps themselves.  Maybe try disable too.   It might help a little. I think you need to watch the google apps and they may all be interconnected but if anything goes wrong just do a factory reset.

Funny thing. I was given a second hand Samsung Galaxy S4 mini smartphone 8gb and it had 4gb free.  Still trying to work that one out but not complaining.  🙂  So my question to Samsung is this:  If I can run a smartphone with 4gb free why not a tablet?

Good luck SRozeboom.