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Disney Plus promo big gotcha

(Topic created on: 24-03-2022 10:43 AM)

Anyone with a Disney plus code from Samsung and having issues with getting the code to work, use this link be sure to enter your current disney plus account email.

Now heres a big gotcha, when you redeem your code it will say you can swiatch to the cheaper yearly subscription anytime. DO NO CHANGE FROM THE MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION. This automatically charges you  for the following years subscription there and then. Why would Disney take the money for the following year? Any renewals should be charged when due, not a year in advance.

Currently on hold to Disney now to try and get my money back, as even if you cancel the following years subscription, you don't get your money back, it just lets you watch Disnery for that 2nd year.

Not a Samsung issue as this is Disney in the wrong. Just a heads up to save you getting ripped like I have been.

Will update if I get my money back.