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Almost nothing is syncing on my Tab A SM-T295

(Topic created on: 29-05-2021 05:04 AM)
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I have just noticed that since 10 May nothing in my Google account and for some bizarre reason only Notes in my Samsung Account will sync on my Tab A.

The Google Account is blank. All I can see is a notice saying "sync is off for all items". However there is nothing showing- no entry for contacts, calendar etc. If I tap the three dots on the top right, "Sync now" is greyed out. 

If I force sync the Samsung Account, only Notes updates. The account page on the Tab A shows that I have 0 entries in Calendar  or contacts etc. This remains the case even if I sync the old Samsung  phone I have connected to this account immediately beforehand - it has many contacts and calendar entries.

I have restarted the Tab A then removed and re-added both the current Samsung and Google accounts, then tried to sync the Tab A after first syncing tbe phone. Notning happens.

I then removed the current Samsung account on both tablet and phone and added a different older Samsung account to both. I then successfully synced tbe phone. However the tablet still would not sync.

Bizarrely  the Tablet tells me that the last time the phone was connected to the older Samsung account was 2 years ago, when the phone had been synced minutes before. 

It also misidenitifies the phone as "m0" instead of its correct model number.

I cleared cache and data for Samsung in the apps menu in android setting to no avail.

I'm stumped.

To be honest I'm not especially bothered about the Samsung sync problems. I only noticed that issue when I was looking for a temporary method of syncing, after realising that not only was Google not syncing, but there wasn't even a list of items for Google to sync in tbe first place - just a blank page - and that it was impossible to force sync.

All I have managed to achieve is losing the contacts etc that were on the Tablet with no way to restore them from Google or Samsung cloud.

All I can think of is to completely reset but I'm reluctant to do that for obvious reasons.

It may be a coincidence, but the Tab A problems started very closely following the recent update.