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3 Easy Improvements for the Tab S7+ 5G before launch

(Topic created on: 15-08-2020 08:47 PM)

I am strongly considering getting the Tab S7+ 5G, but for the $1300+ Samsung wants for it and the keyboard, I don't think it meets the Samsung standard. I have 3 very simple and easy fixes that will cost Samsung so little but offer a lot to the consumer and help justify the large pricetag. 


1. 12GB of RAM to go with the 512 GB of storage

2. 45 Watt charger IN THE BOX (instead of the OLD 15 Watt charger)

3. MONTHLY security patches, NOT QUARTERLY


All I am asking is that Samsung treat the S7+ like its its other flagship devices like the S20 and Note 20 Series. 12GB of RAM really helps with multitasking if productivity is the name of the game. The S20 and Note 20 Series come with the USB type C to C 25 Watt chargers in the box, so there's no logical reason why the Tab S shouldn't have the same premium charger it was designed to work with. Lastly, security is really important, despite what the "average user" might think. I don't want to buy a device that will be compromised and vulnerable to new attacks designed for Qualcomm chips for months on end if I have sensitive material I'm working on. 


Please treat the Tab S7+ like an S Series flagship and not like an A series mid-ranger. Since the 5G model isn't up for preorder yet, there is time to fit the new models with more RAM, swap the 15 Watt chargers out with 45 Watt chargers, and to assigned the One UI team with monthly software patches. 


Do these 3 completely reasonable things and you have my purchase. 

I am agree with you 6 Ram is nothing
I am not sure why the 8GB version of tab s7+ is not released in UK. i am definitely not buying the 6GB one.