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Battery usage - app settings

(Topic created on: 30-10-2020 03:16 PM)
Helping Hand

When viewing Battery usage, and tapping the graph to see a list of Apps' usage stats (active, background, %), tapping the app takes us to a screen showing Usage since last full charge, and average daily usage over the last 7 days.


We have a button at the button for "Limit usage" - then we can "Cancel" or "Put to sleep" or "Put in deep sleep".


My suggestion is: include a way to get to the app info page for that app from the battery usage screens, rather than us having to go all the way back, then go into apps and find the app. 

We may want to tweak other aspects of the app (such as allow it to run in the background, but limit mobile data) to manage power usage, rather than just put it to sleep, or if it's an app we decide we don't want, uninstall it. 


Beta Moderator
Beta Moderator



Thank you for this suggestion. I'll make sure the suggestion goes to our development team! 😉