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SmartThings Energy - integration suggestions

(Topic created on: 22-10-2021 04:18 PM)
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Smart Home

Hi! I have managed to link my smart meter to SmartThings energy - while in principle it is cool, in fact it misses some crucial features.

  • unit rates - I am using Octopus Go which has different price during the day and at night. Sadly SmartThings Energy does not allow to differentiate. It either takes average figure or asks for user input - but only one rate can be included. There is no option to add standing charge either.
    All this data could be taken from the DCC feed/meter settings so I don't understand why it is not an option here.
  • Real time usage - data from yesterday is nice, but having real-time usage to set up e.g. high usage alerts etc. would be useful.

Until this is fixed it will remain a nice gimmick, but hardly practical. I'd suggest going the way that Hildebrand did with their Glow platform - much more useful and ticks the above boxes.

Smart Home

I agree with all this and would add that it would be useful to be able to add a gas meter too.