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Rf65a977 software update, ring doorbell less integrated with smartthings widgets

(Topic created on: 02-11-2023 12:23 AM)
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Since the last known software update (september/october) on my family hub rf65a977 fridge freezer, the ring doorbell app now lacks inclusive integration with the smartthing widgets pre installed on the family hub system. If smartthings is the core framework for widgets to use installed apps on this family hub fridge freezer, why has this latest sw update made the ring doorbell app less integrated with the family hub interface?

I ask, because this fridge freezer is a premium priced samsung product, so I hope the forum sees this post as a valid question. If the ring app is no longer using smartthings video, what is it now for? Nothing else feeds into it. 

The ring app seamlessly used the smartthings video widget that is preinstalled on the family hub to display doorbell video footage, but since the latest sw update; the ring doorbell now acts more like a stand alone pop up video window and appears to be separate from the smartthings video it utilised before the update. This change requires more screen interactions and smartthings video seems to have lost purpose. 

An example being, if more than 1 ring camera was set up, each video device would have to be viewed/interacted with (clicked on) individually on the family hub screen currently. From my understanding, the smartthings video had 2 widgets available - single device view and a multi device (up to 3 or 4 video in the same window) view in one video window.

I posted on samsung support about this in October, it resulted with no clear idea if the ring app will use the smartthings video widget again but I would hope so. The increase in touch screen interactions since the update seems counter productive.

First Poster

Your concern about the reduced integration of the Ring doorbell app on the Samsung family hub fridge freezer post-update is valid. For a premium product like this, seamless interactions are crucial. I recommend reaching out to Samsung support for further clarification on their roadmap for integrating the Ring app with SmartThings video widgets. A streamlined experience, much like the efficiency sought in various Activities in Lisbon, should be a priority for product enhancement.